LEAD CHANGE WELL is an “end-to-beginning” change management solution. 

LEAD CHANGE WELL is unique in that we address individual mindsets, behaviors, and beliefs. Our approach helps leaders and contributors reframe resistance as opportunity. Meanwhile, we empower your teams with everything they need to build practical, sustainable change management skills. 

Out of respect for your culture and daily operations, LEAD CHANGE WELL can be delivered to blend with your workflow, minimizing disruptions and maximizing results.

Brought to you by your partners at Empowering Performance, Inc., LEAD CHANGE WELL is the only change management program to use Gary Frank's ground-breaking tool, The Change Kit.

100% customizable and modular based on your budget, goals, and timeline, LEAD CHANGE WELL integrates exclusive resources from The Change Kit with change management and leadership development workshops, plus one-on-one coaching sessions for emerging leaders and promising team members.

We wanted to equip our leaders with practical change management tools they could use right away. We also needed them to quickly develop high competencies. LEAD CHANGE WELL was the program that offered us the content we wanted and the flexibility we needed.
— TK, Senior Manager, Organizational Development
Our leaders appreciated how juicy and on-point this material is, and we learned it with a minimal amount of disruption to our daily operations. One of the most gratifying moments during our workshop was when several leaders said, “Wow, I’m going to start doing this today!”
— JH, Vice President, Organizational Development and Talent Management
Real change — durable change — takes place on emotional, psychological and operational levels. EPI and their LEAD CHANGE WELL program makes this abundantly clear. The program’s impact on culture, workflow and bench strength is remarkable.
— GF, President, Performance Development

We believe every change is an opportunity to experience growth and prosperity.

Moving people through the change process should happen across three phases, beginning with a strong foundation, then implementing an actionable plan, and ultimately achieving stability --- a new, sustainable normal you can count on to deliver the results you need. Until, of course, it's time for change again.

  • Change needn't be fearsome or disruptive.
  • Change should be well-considered and intentional.
  • Everyone and everything has the capacity for change.
  • Individual contributions change the big picture.
  • True change is transformational.
  • Transformation requires awareness, anticipation, advocacy, and action.

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Equip your team with the tools you need to envision, mobilize, and effect change that lasts.

Learn more about how to LEAD CHANGE WELL. You and your team can shift from today's challenges into the future of your own design using The Change Kit, plus our integrated change management workshops and leadership coaching sessions. Send us your contact information, and we'll help you get started!